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Disclaimer: I don't speak and write english very well... but i like to communicate with all the world, so i try to translate some page of my site. I hope that you can understand what i want to say and you don't dwell in my mistake!!!!

Italian version

So here is the last stage of our holiday... we take a right decision when we plain to stay on the beach last week.

When we arrive in Varadero michele look like in esctasy... he's not able to realize how Cuba can be beautiful without Cuban! Because in Varadero is only a touristic place, and cuban can not enter (except people who live and work there). The taxi driver left us outside Varadero, he can not enter. we take a regular taxi that bring us to the "club hotel tropical". Michele is sceptical... he's thinking about Hotel Lincoln in Havana and think that this hotel can be the same... But when we enter in the hall of the hotel we relax... this is the view from our room...

It's not a 5 stars hotel, but it's good... here our bed, and the towel. every day change composition!

The first big deisappointmen arrive at the evening..... we eat, we take a shower, we dress ourself ad we go out... we think to be in a big touristic city and we think to find a lot of people in the main street....! But outside the hotel everything is like a desert!!!!!!!!!!!! And we are on the main street!!! We try to walk, walk, walk... but nothing... no one...Why?!?!?!?!? People say that in varadero tourism rise down and usually go there only couples... old couples.... AAARRRGGHHHH!!!! Who send us here??!?!??!??!!

On the other hand, the sea and the beach is VERY nice!

The hotel offer some (a few) distraction, so everyday i go to spanish lesson with Mirelis

after the beach, i take a shower and then i go in the little gym of the hotel.

Woman of tour operator offer us excursion and we choose one that will bring us in an island called "cayo blanco" with a boat. During the trip it's possible to have a bath with douphin in the sea, do snorkeling, free bar in the boat and lunch in a restaurant in the island. We will take this excursion on monday, but the weather is not good and so they decide to go on tuesday also if the sky is not clean, ther eare a lot of black cloud and a lot of wind..... but they decide too start... the sun doesn't come out and the wind stay.... It's not HOT!!!!!!!! we have sweatshirt... but we feel cold!!! During the trip the cloud begin to go away... but the sun take a lot of time to heat the air and the wind stay.... we arrive in te point where is possible to have a bath with douphins and some people try to do it (german people with some beer inside....)... i try to taste the water and it seems warm (but i feel it with my hand that is frozen!), but the real problem is not the water temperature, but when you go outside with the cold wind!!

Ok, let me try to know this fish....

After this we go to another place where is possible to make snorkeling... and other "drunk" people try to do it... but the problem farther the cold water, is that the sea is not calm and so it' impossible to see the sea bed....

When we reach to cayo blanco we take the dinner in the restaurant and while i'm fighting with a fish in my dish i make dirty a lot my (white) sweatshirt :/

the sun heat a little bit the atmosphere and despite the wind we try to take sun

 and after this we came back to the hotel

and we spend a nice excursion, with a good organisation, but it was ruins for the weather...

Last day in Varadero we decide to spend money in another excursion... this time with a little little catamaran (4 people) and we go about one kilometer from the seaside and with mask and flipper we do snorkeling in the ocean seabed... there is not word to describe how beatuful is!!!!!!!!!! the man of the boat put bread in the sea and when the breqad touch the water a lot of fish arrive and swim with us... after we try to hold the bread in our hand and the fish with all the colours that you can image eat from our hand.... i repeat..... no words to describe it!!!!!!! we spend 10 euros very very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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