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Disclaimer: I don't speak and write english very well... but i like to communicate with all the world, so i try to translate some page of my site. I hope that you can understand what i want to say and you don't dwell in my mistake!!!!

Italian version

We lost (as usual for Cuba) a lot of time the day before to understand timing, costume and how work the bus in Havana. We wake up very early and we go to the bus stop of Viazul, the bus for tourist that go outside city. Michele stay all night in bathroom because he drinks in a restaurant a very old water (!). We arrive with a regular taxi (but with the meter turn off!) to the bus stop. When we arrive a man stop us and tell taht the bus is full and if we want he can bring us to Trinidad at the same price of bus with a car, and explain that for us is better because we will arrive directly at destination and not in the bus stop... it seems a good businnes, but we want to see the car! The car is a Toyota yaris and the plate is red (so the car is owned by a rental car) ok... we accept and we begin the travel to trinidad!

I begin to sleep, but i wake up immediatly because the driver brake in the highway...

But.... are we in Venice?????????? Fog?????????? In Cuba????????? :OO Fortunately the fog doesn't uphold a lot and the the travel continue...

During the trip the driver indicate us a building and he sais that it's a jail

Ok, we pass throught Cienfuego and then we arrive in Trinidad... UAO! Aurora in Havana reserve for us a very nice colonial house that was built aabout in 1700.... very very nice!!!

I go outside to visit Trinidad, Michele prefer to stay at home, he's not  at 100% with him stomach. If in Havana everyting look like 40 years ago, here the time stop 100 years ago....! There are few cars, the traffic is nonexistent and people use cow to move, and the building are in colonial style:

Trinidad is very small and in 45 minutes i visit all city! And now, how i can do?!??! There is a place, the house of music that is in the centre. I feel hot... Havana in 300km at noth and i can feel the difference! So i go in the place to drink a lemonade; in Cuba lemonade are spectacular!! Here i met a cuban who i know in the plane from Milan to Havana and we make a conversation. He asks me about my friend and i explain him about the water in restaurant... He suggest me to give to my friend a strange thing and write me the recipe in a paper and teh invite me in his house where he give me the leaf to make the strange thing. It's about the sunset, i come back to my house and explain to the owner of the house about the "strange thing", and she begin to prepare it. Meanwhile i take some photo!

I come back home and the lady (the owner of the house) is cooking dinner... here in trinidad we have not the problem "where we can eat?", in the house the food is excellence!!! After dinner i go out allone, but there are no one in the street, and no one in the house of music, and i don't see Jose (the man meet in the plane), so i take a lemonade and i come back home. The day after i will wake up early!

To stay distant from something with a engine and a steering wheel is difficult for me, so i want to drive something! In a day i take a tipical cuban means of transport... the driving position is high, respect my Golf be missing 111 horse power, but the fuel consumption is very good!!!


Thanks to the "strange thing" Michele stay very good, and also him "drive" a horse to discover the landscapre near trinidad

In the evening we go as usual at the house of music with a good mojito and a cigar

After this evening we will go to Varadero.....

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