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Disclaimer: I don't speak and write english very well... but i like to communicate with all the world, so i try to translate some page of my site. I hope that you can understand what i want to say and you don't dwell in my mistake!!!!

Italian version

Here i write a page dedicated to the cuban cars... this cars have a charme and is part of Cuba! The cuban cars are old american cars of 1950-1960 and recent "lada", old fiat 124-125-126 with the russian brand

There are different colours for the cuban plate:

- Yellow plate: the driver is a lucky cuban who has money to buy a car and government permit him to buy one (yes, in cuba you don't need only the money to buy a car!)

-  Blue plate: cars of government, and you can see a lot of this... taxi, trucks, police, all public transport and people who work for government

- Bordeaux plate: Usually they begin with a "T" for Turistic and is the rental car

 Black plate: Cars of government (often you can see mercedes with this plate)

- White plate: important people of government... thy can do everything... to pass with the red, to go in the opposite side of a one way....

Cuban are very poser with the cars, and usually you can see some thing "i want, but i can't", like false airscope, black glass made with blak nylon (like what we use for rubbish!).. the wors is a car very dirty and the owner write with a finger "sparco"!!!!! It's also usual to see cars with blue light, very big exhaust.... and i take a lot of photo of this!

Ok, start with this photo, to demostrate that also in cuba someone understand soomething about cars! The mkII Golf...obviously the colour is comunist red!

But this car can be owned by a rich cuban, because it's one of the most recent that i see. Typical cuba car is like this:

As you can see the cars have a lot of charme and can make a good impression also here in Italy today. Unfortunately the cars hans not a good conservation... because for cuban is impossible to buy american replacement (the problem of embargo), and olso because the have no money to buy it. So you can ask how they can run without replacement????? I don't know! But here i have a photo which show how cuban repair cars!

Here a photo of a street in trinidad... in your opinion do the cars contribute at the charm?!?!?!?!? This place can be suggestivewithout the old american cars and with some modern cars????

Here a photo of a landscape where there are cars, note that the only recent car is a rental car

Other photo, in Varadero

So this can be my next working car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here a typical cuban picture with the main thing of havana, foreground a taxibike (very common in the capital) and old american cars

Here a photo where is possible to see 2 taxibikes

Here a poser cuban with a fiat 126... note the neon around the plate

and the pipe of this lada!

An advertising af a gas station. They sell 3 kind of fuel

Trinidad.. as you can see, in a  little town, a very common tansport is the cow. It's usual to see cow with buggy!

What do you do in your country if you crash hard a car in front or in the rear??? You demolish the car! But not in Cuba! In cuba you wait that someone crash the same car in the opposite side and with 2 wreck you make one car... oor one and half!

Another cuban transport: a tractor with a trailer where people can stay

Another common transport is the coco-taxi. what is?? Watch here!

inside a coco-taxi

And here the public transport, the always crowded "camel"


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